The patience of a grass, towards sustainable living – The Bamboo


20150209_134405_Richtone(HDR)Most of us would have heard about the story of the Chinese farmer who tended to his Bamboo seeds and waited for 5 long years before actually any development of the plant on the surface happened. As a matter of fact, the Bamboo seed is preparing itself, through strong root formations to withstand and sustain the tremendous growth it achieves once the waiting period is over. Some of the Bamboo species can grow up to 90 feet in height in a particular season. It is said that the Bamboo once harvested can be re-grown every three to four years.

20150209_134910_Richtone(HDR)This patience pays off and teaches life lessons for some of us. The Bamboo is highly versatile and belongs to the grass family. It is highly sustainable, and  appears as hard wood. The marked aspects of sustainability are in its ability to regenerate very fast and have far reduced environmental impacts. The Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and certain species of Bamboo can grow up to 3 ft in 24 hours. Once the Bamboo is cut as long poles during harvest, the roots of the Bamboo remain intact and the trunk grows up quickly again.

The Bamboo while growing absorbs carbon dioxide and other green house gases at faster rates than other hard trees. The Bamboo is well known for its tensile strength, better than steel and compression strength, better than cement. Compared to other hard wood trees the Bamboo has greater resistance to expansion and contraction owing to humidity and temperature changes.
The versatility of the Bamboo is seen in its usage in building products, compound fencing, making furniture, flooring, and clothing and is also used to prevent soil erosion. The Bamboo is also used as a food resource and an animal diet. The Giant Pandas of China and the Red Pandas of Nepal eat Bamboo shoots as food. The Bamboo plant is truly a versatile and highly renewable plant and is very green indeed.

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