The grandeur and magnificence of Kapaleeshwarar temple


20150301_113833The place is normally crowded during the weekends on Saturday and Sunday. After you find a place to park your vehicle on the stretch of the East Mada street in Mylapore, you are all set to walk down the aisles of time, as you enter the road which faces the magnificent gopuram (Gateway tower) of the Kapaleeshwarar temple. The temple is an important landmark in the locality of Mylapore and is one of the must visit places in Chennai. The gopurams are one of India’s finest temple architecture. The Kapaleeshwarar temple is one such temple of monumental proof where the magnificence of the glorious days of the past, sculpture carving and temple building flourished. Lord Shiva in the form of Arulmigu Kapaleeshwarar and his consort Shakti in the form of Arulmigu Karpagambal are worshipped here. The present temple structure is said to be built in the 16th century.

20150301_110314The scene just outside the main entrance is hectic and busy but the vicinity is kept clean and well maintained. Just outside the temple, we find small shops selling pooja offerings to god. Bananas, flowers and betal leaves all stacked up in small basket, lined up to be sold away to the pilgrims and visitors alike. In this colorful milieu of things, one’s footwear needs to be left in the specially designated footwear counters just by the side of the entrance. Once you go past the temple entrance, the temple courtyard is quite broad and breezy and is well maintained. As you finish 20150301_113417offering your prayers to the deities, a back entrance gate leads to the temple tank, this reservoir of water has great religious significance.

As you wander around the temple, you come across a mini concert hall with a stage. If you are lucky, you can sometimes catch up with many classical concerts staged here in the evenings. As one goes around the temple, you can walk past beautiful temple art and also look up, marvel and gaze at the gopuram itself. One can observe brightly painted idols of 20150301_111604gods and goddess adorned on the gopuram. A walk down the narrow alley, away from the temple, one can pick up vegetables at a bargain from many of the vegetable vendors lined by the side of the road at South Mada Street.




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