A rewarding bird watching setting – Kelambakkam back waters.

Backwaters of Chennai, Kelambakkam


The kelambakkam back waters is a brackish sea water lagoon separated from the Bay of Bengal. As one takes a left from the busy commercial area of Kelambakkam on to the Kelambakkam –kovalam road, an open spread of shallow blue water welcomes us on the either side of the road. This small stretch of road connects the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) to ECR (East coast road) on the other end. One can see flock of birds, waders and gulls and many more flying across the lagoon. It is good to carry a pair of binoculars as the birds are wading on the mudflats, sand banks far off from the road stretch sometimes. Nevertheless, it is good sight.

During the summer months, it is recommended that you stop by after 5 pm in the evening to escape the sweltering heat and if you are in a vehicle, you can park the vehicle on the small stretches off road. One can observe a diverse set of migratory birds. A popular site says that there are about 80 species of migratory birds recorded in this lagoon. The lagoon setting is a great reward for an avid bird watcher and absolute joy for anyone who wishes to pause and observe this natural environment. There is an element of vulnerability and there is a need to protect this natural ecosystem.


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